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Welcome to the Digital Talking Bible Website. For years the Word of God has been printed and made readily available to thousands of people across the globe. With advances of technology, the Bible can now be put in an easy-to-use and portable audio book, the Digital Talking Bible (DTB). The Bible states that “So faith comes by hearing, and hearing through the word of Christ” (Romans 10:17) and the DTB seeks to provide all with the opportunity to hear the word of God.

What is a Digital Talking Bible?

The Digital Talking Bible is a small, pocket size, portable, hand held audio book of the Holy Bible. Great travelling companion where ever you go. Some of the feature the Digital Talking Bible provides are:
  • Complete Old and New Testament
  • Small, Portable, Pocket size
  • Battery Operated (uses 3 AA Batteries)
  • Built-in speaker loud enough for small group listening
The DTB is widely applicable in a variety of foreign languages. Request foreign languages by placing a request at our Contact Us section.

All in all, the DTB is a great resource for those seeking an alternative median in studying and sharing the word of God. The DTB even gives an opportunity for those who cannot read to hear and enjoy the promises and comforts of God through His Word. IT IS A GREAT GIFT TO GIVE TO FOR ALL AGES !!!

Contact Us today, if you want more information about The Digital Talking Bible.

Buy your Digital Talking Bible Today! Narrated by Cliff Barrows

The Digital Talking BibleThe New King James Version Digital Talking Bible contains the following features:
  • Complete Old and New Testament
  • Backlit LCD Screen showing book chapter andtime duration
  • Black Bible with silver gilding
  • Rotary Volume Control
  • Old/New Testament and Book Selection Button
  • Chapter forward and backward Button
  • 1.5mm headphone jack for personal listening
  • DC Power Supply for un-interrupted listening
This New King James Version of the Digital Talking Bible comes fully equipped with the following items:

1 Black DTB, 1 DC Universal Voltage Power Supply ad 3 pcs AA Alkaline Batteries.

         $89.99 USD
         $9.95 USD

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